I messed with the site's CSS quite a bit.
Same colorscheme, though. I couldn't change the colorscheme. I mean, if I did that...

Frankly, I don't know.
A tree would die! Yes, that's it.

It's the most I've done with any of my sites in weeks! Yay. Oh, layout-creating. I love you.

The site looks okay in IE, but it looks the way I intended it to in Firefox. (Well, almost the way I intended. The closest I think I can get, here.)

Probably will leave it like this for a while. It looks like a real site, now, to me! :D
(Yes. Before, it looked like a fake site. A poseur site! A site lite! Hey, that last one rhymed.
And is probably a soda.)

Edit: Oh. I think I'll also change the title of the "friends" box to a song. And pluralize it.
I love you. =)
I love you, too!
In fact, I believe I will use an E>.
It may resemble an ice cream cone, but it really is a heart.
Just... pointy.
=) I love you again. We should make babies!
Ick. XP

Your gender icon isn't showing. I'm guessing you have the file listed as hidden in your file manager. Or you have yet to upload it. Not sure which. I like the new design.
Perhaps moving more towards a percentage or em system of measurement could help overall? At my resolution, the post/comment titles hang out on the right side (which is actually kind of neat =) ), the posts look a bit smushed to the left, and I now have to use the scroll bar in the "Add a comment" box.
Wellp, aparantly all of that stuff was intended. She just told me that. And no, you should not. Down with babies! They're sneaky.

Xooxer: Meep. Yeah, I did have it set to hidden. I guess I'll just upload it elsewhere-- I really don't want to go and add the uploads thing to the toolbar.

AC: I didn't mean for the "add a comment" box to scroll; but as for the post and comment titles hanging out of the side, that was intended. (I'm sure I can find some way to make the comment boxes normal. Yarr.)
I like the title and slugline offsets and I don't have to scroll in the box I'm typing in anymore. =)

However, may I ask what resolution you designed this CSS for? At 1024x768, the right third of the main page is nothing but background. Using percentages instead of pixels should help make the blog look the same at any resolution.
If you don't check any of the boxes for the file, it still won't show in a sidebar on your page, but people can still download it. It was made that for this very purpose, to allow people to have images hosted on thier webspace without having them listed anywhere, so you can use them on your blog so everyone can see them. Just unclick all the boxes and it should work fine.
BLU! XD I miss ya, Miranda!
Your page is supposed to be blue, not pink! Your name is Blu, not Pin!