Hi. I don't know what's going on with the new site. Where are my forums? Do the posts still exist? Please tell me the posts still exist. I had large conversations about the design of projects in those forums. How do I access them? How do I transfer them over to the hubs for my games? Those forums had a lot of information about my games, like players talking about different things in Regressia.
They still have the information but it is not accessible.
As far as I know it's all gone, but they probably have backups sitting around.

I lost my forum as well.
They still exist in Byonds archive, They said they would move them over, seems there is some delay on that front, but pretty certain nothings lost.
I'll transfer your data over for you. The plan was to do that all this week but we got distracted by more pressing issues with the new servers.
Thanks for the post, Tom. This thread was directed at the community so I could get some information, not a complaint against you :P
Just logged on for first time in a while, craziness :P Though the color scheme is well done.