Heroes United

by Falacy
Report people here! If you're sick of seeing fools avoiding the filter, this is the place to shut them up!

Kingmashrrr avoiding. Main server. 4:34 EST, 2/4/2012
* link removed
^Proof here.
I'm not going to do anything about this, except try to improve the filter. Posting screenshots is unnecessary, less useful, and generally unsafe. All you need to do is copy/paste the offensive text.
Fine. I liked it better when you would mute people for avoiding....Especially if it's excessive. And also, HOW DARE YOU REMOVE MY LINK </3
Kobe 10...
Speaking of that kid, Fally, you said just copy/paste, well here it is.

{SpeciaL ForceS} @WeEzY: Omg this lag is Ghe
@WeEzY = Kobe10, AGAIN..., and about 5 seconds later...
{SpeciaL ForceS} @WeEzY: Feg
{SpeciaL ForceS} @WeEzY: pheg
{SpeciaL ForceS} @WeEzY: Lol

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm picking on this kid, but it's constant, and no one else seems to avoid like he does.

Just going to keep editing this with new people that avoid and new words to add.

{SpeciaL ForceS} @Dracon: what nyyygaz ?
{Meet Your Makers} @Goku SS2 AF: somebody on s1 says that you smell like a p|_|ssy
{YMCMB} Kobe14: U got a big Asre attitude >.>
{o2} @WeEzY: Suck my dijck
Weekzy = KOBE 10
{Young Money CMN} Kobe14: Shut the f up
{Young Money CMN} Kobe14: Dont Suck polaks ...

{Young Money CMN} Kobe14: Durth
{Young Money CMN} Kobe14: U guys siuck

{Young Money CMN} Kobe14: SUCk my ASS!

Server 3 - Kobe14

I saw the Global Mute list Fal and I also saw that you muted one of his PC ID's well apparently he has more PC's to keep being a complete idiot. In the name of people that are sick of this idiot I ask for another global mute to this guy. Thank you
{Revolution Deathsquad} @LiL WaYNE: And Uir mom right?

{Revolution Deathsquad} @LiL WaYNE: Wasent it funny when I shut ur FAT ASS! up :)

{Revolution Deathsquad} @LiL WaYNE: I can Pwn hiS ASS!

{Revolution Deathsquad} @LiL WaYNE: I wanna Pwn ur FAT ASS!

All in the same context of avoiding, all simultaniously said. Really Falacy, just shut him up perminately.
{Meet Your Makers} @Tyga: U assfaggot

{Meet Your Makers} @Tyga: Shut up dumb fujck niqqa

And just to top it off he goes off and says This

{Meet Your Makers} @Tyga: And I dont filter avoid

Tyga= Kobe10
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: Wow
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: what
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: the
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: f
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: u
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: c
{The Night Nightmare} Lewydb: k
server three
5:05 PM Est Time -- Saturday June 2nd 2012 -- Server 3
I find this rather offensive due to the fact i did lose my mother last year, not to mention he blantantly trying to insult me. He also told me to "Suck his balls" which seems like it should be filtered.

Tupac = Kobe10

{U mad Bro} @Tupac: i like to have fun unlike ur self u have no dad no mom no brothers no sisters no cousin ur life is boring, My life is fun yea somtimes i can act like a 6 year old when im boerd but when ur board u think about u have no friends cause u got a stank a
In response to D-Cire
U mad bro owns, we win cws everytime
In response to DarkHus
DarkHus wrote:
U mad bro owns, we win cws everytime

Should I just ban you from the game? Apparently the multiple forum bans aren't getting the point across that you should either grow a brain or stop posting
In response to D-Cire
D cire I swear i didnt say that i said nothing like that i said u have no life and ur boring. u added some other stuff in but u dont got to lie on me to try and get me in trouble thats not coo.
In response to D-Cire
And if u felt like i was talking about ur mom im sorru but i said said nothing like that i said u got no life and ur Alone and boring but sorry to hear ur mother pass
In response to D-Cire
I also have a screenshot of it kobe, so along with with him checking the logs, i could prove it that way too.
In response to D-Cire
Ive seen it also.
U do know that your just gonna end up having a full mute avoid topic mainly about Kobe10? He is constaly doing it constly just insultingng ppl and forever being a noob. He really needs to be punished badly.
{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: gonna go sleep 4uck this when s1 is not on

{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: right click ur áss

{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: 4uck u all

{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: 4uck Falacy

{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: tyler ur weak áss who doesn't have friends

{The Forbidden} @Kiddy Kong: 4uck u tyler!


In response to Angelsledge
Yet he reports on Kobe10 avoiding and being a disrectful noob for filter avioding, and here he is on server 3 doing it him self LOL. One hypocrite he is Smh
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