I suppose it's apparent by now that Astrobiz isn't getting released on the 26th, seeing as it's now the 27th. Things are still on track for a release on, oh, say the 31st.

Things left to do:
  • Implement economic constraints on traffic totals (this will include making property ownership not suck so badly again)
  • Help files (maybe?)
  • A few more interface tweaks (including a real interface for host type stuff)
  • Random events
  • Slightly less random/more sane generation of initial spaceship stocks and slots owned
  • Smooth out generation, let the server wipe and restart without needing a reboot

AI is eventually planned, but I don't know if I'll have it implemented in time for the initial release.
Oh, come on.
Uh... Happy New Year's?

It looks like it'll be a little longer than I guessed. Check back tomorrow Tuesday next week February Guy Fawkes Day next year 2011 after I release Delve! 2020 when Iraq stabilizes2050 on America's tricentennial when Developous completes a finished, well-polished game a century or two next millenium after the sun goes nova on the eventual heat-death of the universe probably tomorrow or Wednesday (not so much Tuesday).
I hope you didn't fall into a black hole or something. :(