Hmm, for some reason on the server LRS goes down somewhat regularly. I don't know if it doesn't survive its periodic reboots or what, and will look into this shortly. Meantime, it's actually up but not visible until someone logs in (I'm not able to log in from work).

You can always see if it's there to connect to by using the Connect link on the hub page.
Bug Report

Gordon_Freeman's turn.
Gordon_Freeman uses WiFi on Mage_man!
Mage_man's Quantum Mirror defense activates!
Mage_man's Quantum Mirror defense reflects WiFi back onto Gordon_Freeman!
Choose a destination for Gordon_Freeman.

The squares to choose where he goes blinked for a second.... And disappeared. =(
Thanks, I'll look into that.

What exactly are the criteria for the palyer limit. I mainly ask this out of frustration as I can never seem to actually play! It seems as though other players seem to be coming and going.
I also noticed that there are usually 5 people in the game although at one point I think I saw more than 5 and the little picture seems to have 8 starting locations.

This brings me to a little suggestion. Can you allow players to join and watch? I'm really interested to see this game that is getting such good reviews. :D
There really needs to be admin because people always spam reboot vote.
I watched a few games yesterday and saw the sign-up spamming on reboot. A little brainstorming: maybe limit it so that, for the first two minutes after reboot, the only person who can automatically join is the winner of the last game, and if he joins he has power to admit whoever he likes (perhaps by giving him access to the password-setting command so he can page his desired crew with the password). If the game doesn't start within the time limit, remaining player slots revert to the free-for-all model.

As I said, that particular scheme is just brainstorming, but it would be a good thing to address one way or another.
Request: Can you make a car that will convert all your movement points to power(even after you've bosted your movement points).
Zaltron, if you don't mind me expanding... I figure a 3:1 ratio is good, or otherwise people could get 10 power (3 base + 1 from module + 6 boost).

Power Conversion
For every 3 points of movement you have, gain 1 point of power. Using this module will [end turn/drain all movement points].
Logged in: Flerix, Flerix, Flerix, Ol' Yeller, Calcufaust

Erm... It said player limit was reached each time I tried to log in, but then showed me there...
People are able to observe the game...only four can actually play at one time, the rest are observers. I've been experimenting with the player limit, because if it's set to high (like 12) then the game is a spam-fest of bored players. If it's set too low, a person or two going AFK can mess up the ability to get games going. I had it at 8 which seemed to work well, but I upped it to 10 on request last night. We'll see how that goes.

I'll keep playing with the reboot thing. At least now you can only do a reboot command once every 30 seconds, so the repeated reboot spam should be gone. Perhaps you shouldn't get access to the reboot verb until you've been logged in for a few minutes, or until you've been a player or some such.

Thanks for the suggestions...I gotta get to work!
I logged into LRS and observed a game and I liked what I saw; except that my resolution was a size too small to fit the bottom row of Large Icon Mode tiles :'(
Yeah, that is frustrating. Next game we do along these lines, I guess we'll have to see about squeezing it into one less row.

LRS originally had some semi-complicated code that used pixel offsets to squish down the board, on the assumption that rows would be needed to show cards on the map. But that code is gone, and I don't wanna try and redo it...:)