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The last time I saw Mike H. was when the Bug Tracker was introduced. Where is he now? I know he's probably working somewhere...but he was also a 'BYOND developer', mostly with the website, though.

Along with that, what happened to Deadron, Shadowdarke, and whoever else was a big contributor to BYOND?
they all got together and created the key "laserdog"
I believe Shadowdarke was working on one of the big-name titles in production right now. I want to say it was Eternia (it may have been Twilight Herald?) but I'm probably wrong.

Deadron left quite a while ago I'm pretty sure.
Just a few names from my early days.

Deadron - Disappeared around the first website transition after DUNG became BYOND.

Darke - Began having a love-hate relationship with multiplayer games. Began working on Darke Dungeon, and eventually became disenchanted with multiplayer game development, slowly faded into the background while awaiting new features.

Dan - Totally disappeared back in 2003 I think.

Flick - Bailed out after the first site transition after DUNG

LesbianAssassin - Left after she failed to enforce roleplay on BYONDers with HRH - one of the best games to hit BYOND. Popped in briefly, then never came back.

Zilal - Fell off around the same time as Dan.

DigitalMouse - Haven't heard from him in a long, long while, last I heard his hosting business was tanking due to derelict accounts.

Gughunter - In production of Monstromo, fell off of BYOND.

Exadv1 - Last I heard, he was working with the goons on SS13.
Deadron was around frequently until 2008. Flick was around until about then, too, and he recently popped back in on the forums regarding one of his libraries.
Don't forget Garthor!
You know, in 2004, Tom said that "we hope to get him more involved in the project soon" I guess that didn't work out so well, with Dan being a college professor and all.
'tis the nature of the Internet, I'm afraid. I still see Mike H. in person though, and he's doing fine. LOL, Dan isn't a college professor (although he'd make a good one!)
Okay, fine, Dan is not the "Senior Systems Programmer" at the Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin, for the Condor system for the Large Hadron Collider. He's still stuck in Nadrew's Basement.
What about Spuzzum ? he made some great libraries ..
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He still comes around occasionally on his other key, Jtgibson.
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Ahh fair enough

Another one is Raekwon ... the creator of Zeta I believe..
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A.T.H.K wrote:
Ahh fair enough

Another one is Raekwon ... the creator of Zeta I believe..

Dracon was the original creator, he just passed it onto Raekwon after getting fed up with Byond. Someone else could elaborate on it more.

Also Lesbian Assassin has used many aliases on byond and was back under a new one within the last year.
I miss digitalmouse and Gughunter.

I hope I get to meet Deadron in person one day. Just have to get several promotions. :)
I've been here since 2001. Sometimes I just chill in the background or get too busy to mess with my projects. But I have finally settled on one project, and am actively working on it. I had a popular game for a brief period of time on here called Eternal World (someone has since then taken the name as a completely different game) and we had 500 unique users at the end.

I remember Lesbian Assassin. She was unpleasant, for lack of better words.