Event Feb 11 2012, 11:00 am
to Feb 11 2012, 12:30 pm
Keywords: game_in_a_day
I've been working with Iain to get the judging under way for GIAD 2011 (yikes, it's already 2012!). However, we need some play testers to help us with the multiplayer games.

  • I'm hoping to host sessions the next two weekends (around Feb 11th and 17th) but I'm open to shifting things around depending on people's schedules.
    • The first session will be GMT: 22:00 Saturday February 11, 2012
    • To see the date in your local time zone, see the date attached to this event
  • For fairness, people who submitted entries will not be allowed to play on the primary testing server.
  • We had 18 entries (pre-disqualifications, including single player games)
  • We'll likely try to spread the testing out over 2 days (or maybe three) to keep things reasonable.
  • I would expect each day of testing to run from an hour to 90 minutes
  • We're now doing open testing, so if you're free, pop into the server and help us out! If the primary server is full, I will also be hosting a secondary server for people who just want to try out the games
If you're interested, please post in this thread with what days/times work for you.
If you guys/gals are up for it, I would also like to implement a "community score" into the judging, although that will require testers to play every entry--even the single player ones. It would just be a quick 1-5 score in a couple of categories.
I'll update this post in a bit with a better count of how many multiplayer games we have and an estimate of how many testers we'll need for each day.

We will now be doing open play testing, so if you're free, please pop in and play a round or two with us!

This post will be updated with the server address and game details during the event.

So, BYOND community: help us get these things judged!

<edit 2/9/12>
Updated time to reflect first playtesting session.

<edit 2/10/12>
Scrapping the community scores element in favor of open testing

<edit 2/11/12>
Playtesting has begun! Looks like there were only (4) multiplayer submissions, so we should be able to get them wrapped up today.

First entry up: The Lab, by Camdev

<edit 2/11/12 (2)>
Playtesting is complete! Because there were only 4 multiplayer entries, we were able to get through them in one night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
Both days sound good to me :)
my timezone is +13 GMT and I'll be ok around noon till 4 ish.
I can help out on the 11th, and possibly the 17th, depending on circumstances.

I'm central US, -6 GMT, free from noon to midnight, but I can try to get up earlier if need be.

I also wouldn't mind assisting with the single player games as well, considering my oodles and oodles of free time.
I'm sitting in the same timezone as Robertbanks2, I'd love to help as well.
If my computer works I can play
I also can play single player games on my offline computer
EDIT: I'm in MST (-7 GMT)
Alright, how does this sound:

MST: 3:00PM Saturday February 11, 2012
CST: 4:00PM Saturday February 11, 2012
GMT: 22:00 Saturday February 11, 2012
GMT+13: 11:00AM Sunday February 12, 2012

I tried to pick a time that was reasonable-ish for everyone. Let me know if it doesn't work for any of you guys (and if not, a better time that would)

Also, for everyone else, it's not too late to join the play-testing for either day! I've updated the time of the event post, so check that to see it in your local time zone.
I guess I can't join since I participated in the GiaD, but if you need someone to fill spots to play the game properly, I can help.
That looks pretty good for me. Assuming nothing comes up, I'll be present.
The time is perfectly fine for me as well.
sounds great :)

Just a Iain's CQ regular, but I think I ought to be able to be available for this time. I'd be happy to try out :).
I will not be on from about 4-7pm MST tomorrow
but i can play the rest day
I may actually be late, I have a job interview a couple hours before 4PM tomorrow, but I can't imagine it running through the whole event.
Alrighty. Since it sounds like some people may be coming and going, I'll drop the "community scores" idea. That'll simplify things considerably.

I think we'll do open testing, too, so anyone can feel free to pop in and play. Maybe I'll throw up a secondary server of each game if enough players want to try them out. I would like to request that contest participants stay off of the main server, however.

I'll post the server address and game details in this thread tomorrow. See you guys/gals there :)
Alrighty, lets get this testing underway! Looks like there were only (4) multiplayer submissions, so we should be able to get them wrapped up today.

First entry up: The Lab, by Camdev
Page me if you need me (though I participated).
Forth and final entry up: Ba-boom!, by Taitz
...and playtesting is complete!

I want to thank Cbgames, Sudzzuds, Metamorphman, and everyone else who stopped by. We got all of the multiplayer testing done, so now I just have to play all of the single player games and write up reviews.

Hopefully I'll have everything wrapped up by next weekend and we can finally announce some winners :)
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