Naruto: Memories of the Soul

by Asuma588
Naruto: Memories of the Soul
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I've been thinking. Most Naruto Rips have VERY WEAK JINJURIKI SYSTEMS!!! For the love of GOD, it's just a small or medium power boost!! It doesn't fit the actualy series! So this is my idea.

It's stated that all Bijuu are the same strength. So here are the stats for each.

Health: 999,999,999
Chakra: 999,999,999
Tai: 999,999,999
Nin: 999,999,999
Gen: 999,999,999

So let's say you're the Jinjuriki of the 8Tails. Since there are 8 tails, for every tail in the Chakra Cloak Form, you would gain 1/8th of it's power!

So whatcha think?? I put alot of thought into it. So PLEASE consider using my idea!! I'd help with spriting! Just contact me by PM. I have my computer on most of the day. :P

So... PLEASE consider using it!!! XD
Well, what your stating is is 9.999999e+008, roughly. Seems do-able, I guess... I guess I could try to add it in, as I have the source, and can code...very, very, poorly. :<
Well i could code this in my original game but i think the fact you saying 999,999,999 is too op for my Oringinal Pvp Naruto game