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(Windows update) (notes) (Unix versions)

The second beta of BYOND 3.5 has been released (version 344.887). This version fixes several bugs and streamlines some user interface issues that were noted with the first beta of 3.5. Everyone who is using 3.5 now should upgrade. Those who haven't tried it yet are encouraged to do so as 3.5 stabilizes.

See the notes for a full list of changes. Please post thorough bug reports in the Bug Reports forum, and general discussion here.
Yay, go Mikey!
Nice new installer.
Great job, keep up the good work.
So when are you going to try and add in a GUI for BYOND?
Heck if we could just have a pager GUI (that opens up dream seeker)
I would be satisified.
(linux user) V
A Linux GUI for BYOND is way down the list.
This new version rocks my socks. :O
*steals Texter's socks*

This new version rocks MY socks! :P
ei, eu sou brasileiro.
vocês podem postar o download do byond versão 3.5 pufavor?.