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So, I decided to build my own server to host my game rather then paying for a server. So I built it, installed Xubuntu setup remote connect and downloaded byond, everything was going good. However i ran into a huge issue when it came to host my game for some reason linux did not want to run DreamDaemon.

So after 14 hours of fiddling and 2 different OS of linux trying to run this game finally somehow i get it working.

Now here is my problem. I am remotely connected to the server with putty and I am hosting the game however once i host the game i lost all control. I cant enter any new commands into putty and if i close putty the server itself closes.

Usually i would be able to type in exit into putty and it would close however this is no longer the case. Anyway its sorta becoming a growing issue because i cant restart my main pc without the server closing. Anyone ever encountered this problem before? or have any clues to work around it?
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This is easily accomplished by appending the command line to be run in the background with an ampersand "&".
thank you i saw that i missed that.
I don't think it's referenced anywhere in the help file?
Anyway, if you're looking to do more Linux tricks, take a look here:
Another way to do it is by just using a screen.

./DreamDaemon game.dmb [port]

If I remember correctly.