How to really contribute to BYOND? This is not a post to demotivate you. However, it is to motivate you to fully take advantage of BYOND's language. Think about it. All we do is create games and games, we never look at what else we can do! We can create applications with BYOND, that will make life easier. For example, you can use BYOND to edit your SQL database, linked to your website to display information? I know it is not a big idea, however it is an application!

On this topic, I might create a paid contest to see how creative you all can get with creating useful applications! I'll probably make a post in the Contest section. However, if this idea does not get enough support, I'll be forced to cancel it. I dont really wish to create a contest that will have two entries only, remember Poplava's?

Now, back on topic. I said that this idea is a good way to contribute to BYOND, let me explain why. BYOND is looked at as a 'Super easy language with everything built-in for creating anime or RPGs.' BYOND was not made to create games only, it can do what most other languages do! Creating useful applications, with such language that is not rather complicated and appreciates creativity will drag people to BYOND who are not just looking for a game-development software.

BYOND can even be taught at schools, a friend of mine's brother is learning SCRATCH. Scratch is the easiest language ever. Its not even a language! Google search it if you are interested in comparing BYOND's DML to Scratch. Comment, tell me your opinion on this topic.

note: Tools such as 'School Grade Calculator' are rather dumb and will certainly not be allowed in the contest if it does occur.
I was discussing something with my teacher today, and he gave me a nice idea. He said that he actually gave the DML language a try after I recommended him to it (He enjoys programming.)He said, he could use the language to edit his SQL database, easily and upload data for the school website easily. That's why I included the SQL example in here.
BYOND would not serve as a decent platform to make utility applications, because your potential clients would have to integrate with BYOND to use them. VB isn't much harder to use than BYOND, can release standalone exes, and SQL editing is simplistically built-in there.

BYOND is geared towards online game design (as opposed to something like VB). Now that BYOND has functional pixel movement, there is no reason that it can't produce decent quality games. Terraria is still one of the best selling/most played games on Steam, more than 6 months after its release. There is no reason that an even better version of that game couldn't be released on BYOND.
I "taught" Scratch at my local library a couple of times. Of course, I say taught loosely, because it's hard to keep a kid's attention when they have a computer in front of them. An interesting community and language, albeit cumbersome (they had only just implemented arrays when I stopped teaching it).

Anyways, it's an interesting idea. I know a few people have made organizational tools and the like with DM. I made a tournament manager for Super Smash Bros Brawl with it a while ago (another library gig). I think there have been a couple of music players, too. I vaguely remember a graphing app.

It's a rather difficult market to compete in, however, so I don't know how "useful" these applications would be to the public. Except for situations where your needs are so specific (and personal) that nothing exists for it yet, there's probably something else already out there.
It's an interesting idea, but I don't really see BYOND as a great alternative to some "popular" languages performance/flexibility-wise.
That being said, I'd like to see some interesting/crazy ideas implemented just for the sake of it (I'm currently working on some voxel-related stuff if that counts :p)