lol thats really good
I do actually believe this. Some people are that stupid.
Aha. I rarely use this term, but I must say: pwned.
Epic win
/me puts on monocle

I must say, my good chaps, that gentleman got pwned.
Is Garry's Mod any good? I was thinking of buying it. (also, add my Steam Account name to friends. Its Spade413 . If you wanna play me in CS or any games we have in common.
Garry's mod is a lot of fun. GMod 9 is still around so if you have half-life 2 than you can try it out. GMod 10 just adds a lot of stuff.
Gmod 10 is beautiful :)

steam: jambell
Well, I'm going for it after I set up the new server for HB.