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hey im on windows 7 with firefox.
I used to use byond with no probs at all but recently i went into "games" tab to find a game but the list was completely blank (when i pick a drop down title "BYOND RPG" or whatever)

I can still join stuff through my bookmarks of last played games or directly off the server list on this site and all works normaly.

So its just the programs server list itself in "Games" "BYOND RPG".

any ideas?
Best response
Hi pharaizon,

Sorry, but the "Games in" tab has been phased out, and in the next version of BYOND, that will no longer be present.

The reason why it has been phased out is because of the resent BYOND site update. In the last site update, there were guilds (Such as BYOND RPG, BYOND Casual, BYOND Action, etc), which have now been removed.

The games that use to be displayed in the "Games In" were games that were "members" of that guild, and now that these guilds do not exist, that box will no longer display any information.

If your still looking for a location to find genre specific games, try looking at the tags on the right hand side of the main games page.

Sorry about that inconvenience.