Im a loser because I actually took time to make a gigantic pallette. :D.

Enjoy :D

Anyways, these were put together from random things, Its somewhat unorganized, but im sure you'll make some use for this.

Why the fuck do you need to save a palette?
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Its useful... Esepcially if you gonna use paint, or if you cnat find the right colors for something >.>
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It's not useful at all unless you're using the same palette for something and you didn't finish it. That's not the case here. If you need custom colors in paint, double click the damn colors.
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Ya but hte point is there already preset, and you can see them(which is easier then clicking and changing all the colors).
good work, atleast ur thinking ahead and have prepared a pallet for your work, and just so people understand, this is a very useful methoud when pixelarting. since it saves the time trying to locate the colours afterwards, if u know the basic colours your useing its alot easyer to add them into the document before hand saves alot of time.. i do it even in adobe cs3, but on a sepperate layer so i dont endup blening when im blending my layers
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Yep, i love it. Could i use it for some stuff in paint?
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It's in the Free Resources, so I'm assuming it's free to take.
Small? %}

Good palette. Some neat shades in there. I see you hue-shifted a couple of ramps, too. :)

Not useless at all. If Savvy is workin on a big project and wants to keep all his work in a single unified color scheme, this is the way to go. Even some movies use a single agreed upon palette through the whole shebang.
It's a pretty good way to keep things in a consistent style.
Why would you post something so tiny?
How do we change the pallette in our project? One at a time or is there a faster way?