Taking Schnitzelnagler's recent post (ID:6806) into consideration, I've decided to start a semi-regular habit of releasing free quality icon packs to the community. I'm going to begin with the basics- terrain, interiors, exteriors, dungeons, caves, vegetation, and the like- then work on common objects and items while fleshing out some base mobs and monsters. I'll throw in various effects and GUI elements as I go. I'm not all that great at animated special effects, but I'm willing to give it a go. I'd like to have a few complete icon sets ready for inclusion for each of the common perspectives: top-view, top-down, isometric and side-view. Since top-view and top-down are the most common, and RPGs are the most common game, I'll be starting there.

This is just the first sheet in a larger set I'm working on which should contain all the terrain you should need for a basic RPG. I should point out that this sheet will also be available in the original layered PSD (so you can swap out your own ground, for example) as well as in customary DMI files with accompanying code snippets to show a possible assembly, just as soon as I get a few more sheets together. I'd rather release sizable icon packs instead of single sheets, that way I can make sure everything will look good together before putting out there.

If you have ideas or suggestions for icon sets to draw, I'm listening.
I like the idea, nice grass set by the way.