Hey this is my first attempt at a tile base, so I need some advice.


These bases are for a dbz game my team is working.The first is suppose to be kid, second is teen and last of course is adult.
i like your muscle definition.
but theres some stuff you could fix.
For instance, you should add a source of sunlight in your picture.(usually in one of the corners of the pictures, i like upper right) Add the highlights where the light hits them.
The forearms are as wide as the biceps. Make the forearms smaller
All the heads shouldn't be exactly the same size
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XD thanks alot thats was really helpful, I appreciate it.
Shouldn't the last one's face be more defined with all that muscle? Yes.
lol I've come a long way since this..
Lmao, I was so confused when I saw this at the top of the forum, until I saw Xyberman's bottom post. What's with the 3 year old necro-ing Xyberman?
Should gimmie old Bases PLOX. Lmao. Anyway, you really have. O_o;
Nice progress :P I also was like "WTF?" at first :D
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Egor wrote:
Nice progress :P I also was like "WTF?" at first :D

agreed haha i saw this post and was like, "damn he had a decent start"