So, I've been seeing alot of people making double tiled bases, so I decided to try and make one by my self, so far I've gotten the outline finished, and the shading of the head. Keep in mind that the shading is coming over head.
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Constructive Criticism
OMGGGGGG oooooola la thats great man so call me when u have somthing better too say jk lol nahh its cool
Seriously, Heads pretty nice. Finish up the rest and then show it to the world. Keep at it, man, doing great.
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Why thank you :)
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Less talking more progress!

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Here's update number two, with me trying to shade the chest

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So I've been working on this for a few days...I've gotten help from Mesmerise on it too...
Here's the latest update

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The abs look sorta weird. Can't explain why..
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I've recently started looking into the proportions of the human body, so let me explain to you what I've learned. You can use these "circles to dived up the body into 6-8 parts depending on how tall you would like the person. These would all divide up equally:

[ Head ]
[ Neck and pecks]
[Abs, ribs to the belly button]
[belly button all the way to the genitals]
[Genitals to right above the knees]
[knees to about part of the chin]
[rest of the shins and finally the feet.]

Is if your head is about the size of neck, Pecks, Ribs, and Abs, we know that it's too large. Of course, there are exceptions, but it looks like here you where going for a full proportionate body, correct me if I am wrong.