Hello,byond been working on bleach moonshine for about 4 months now,and were almost ready for intial release,possible release date:sometime in august.
heres some new stuff ive been working on:

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By Zane444 Hyourinmaru c&c please.

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By Zane444 Arrancar robes,ikkaku bankai,ichigo bankai clothes,hitsu bankai wings c&c

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By Zane444 seireiteibuilding need tips on shading,c&c is welcome(P.S im removing black outlining)

I like where you are going with everything, and its all looking nice.

1) I added a more blade like effect on the top part of the Bankai, it was my first time doing something like that, but look at it. I also added inner AA between the black part and the blade. I also made the black outline a dark purple, since black looks flat.

2) Aren't those supposed to be blue? Assuming your going off the show.

3) Changed black to a dark purple since black looks flat. Simple stuff.

Your perspective was messed up. In a 3/4 view (standard byond) You see the roof, and not the side. In yours the building would be shaped like a wedge.
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oh hadn't noticed that,im gonna redo roof,but refrence i used the roof the building was shaped like a wedged, but the side of the building was definatly off
as for ikkakus bankai,i was going to add more of detail but i decided not to since it was going to be fully animated,
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Pardon me, but is it not true that common asian architecture includes wedge shaped buildings? (the roof, not the actual building itself. XD)
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I was talking about the building itself. :P
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Oh, my mistake.