Haven't been pixeling much lately but here is a little cartoon guy I will be working on...

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Its funny when you look back on stuff you've made it it looks bad once you improve on it. Lol.
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Thank you!
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That popping vein..shouldn't really be there, since he's thumb is up and smiling. Do some shading in his nose[or whatever you call that] so we can understand that it has a tube form, and not be flat. His eyes are abit off, looks like he's missing a screw or two :)

Nice piece you have ^_^
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Wow... forgot to take out that stress mark.

Added some shading and took off the tie for now.
Needs alot more contrast on his pink body, and a little more saturation as well i'd say. Maybe add in one contrasted highlight color, as to give it a good cell-shaded look. Also take off the line over the right eye, it makes it look pretty weird. The hand could use some work as well.
It needs more butter.
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Sadly, no butter but I did take away the hands. He is a squid dood after all, he doesn't need fingers. Lol!