haven't posted here in a while,any who.I've spent the past two days working on komamura's bankai for hub://Zane444/BleachRevolution ,which will be fully animated.being one of m favorite releases i really gave it my all.

C&c is encouraged.

also,id appreciate it if anyone could spare afew tips at animating it,so it doesn't just stand there in a single frame,with no movement.

Thats pretty cool! i like it when people post larger images then a 32x32 here >_> A few school boy errors with your shade Though...

Your light source should be used to full effect, for a clean effect drag out your light colours more based on your light source, You could be alittle more effective with your colour also like maybe adding alittle shade of blue in with the grey to give it more life.

Also pillow shading(Banding i believe its called that your doing there on the head) is evil! don't do it, You dont need to wrap your light colours to blend then.

You also need to AA it, Needs quite abit of it by the looks of things.

Anyways good luck with your work.
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wow i should have paid attention to my shading,i admit working with such a large sprite had me a bit nervous at first(was always too 'scared' to even attempt koma's bankai,this is actually my first attempt at it.)ill clean it up tomorrow after school,i think what caused this was me trying my hand at smoothing the transition of colors with one in between.