Well, this is the beginning of a walking state for a game a couple of guys and I are working on. I've been trying to do the walking state for IDK how long now...This is my best attempt so for:

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Don't mind the arms, I didn't start on that yet, I'm trying to get the legs just right.
Any help?

I'm aiming for 8 frames for the whole animation.
8 Frames for walking o_O

Well anyways you need to get the stages right in walking. Here is a great reference:

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Did I start out correctly? OR....
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Child Prodigy wrote:
Did I start out correctly? OR....

Walking is a full body movement, the only thing that seems to be moving in your animation is the backward leg, Also visually the back leg in the animation is still the same as it was just a few pixels smaller, shade of the leg would come into play also the shin itself would not change size, you have to show it fading in the movement by the perspective, but be sure to watch the video, you will get it trust me.