Hello fellow artists, my friend and I have been working on a Yu Yu Hakusho game for a few weeks now and it is looking good so far. We need your help with our school. My friend is having trouble with the building's texture and shadows.


C&C? Thanks in advance.
I like the colors. But I think it?s repetitive. Add some cracks, open windows, etc.
Hi BxS0ldi3r!

Can you provide any reference to the building? I googled it with no results.
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This is one here:

There really isn't much to base our work on. What we do most of the time is watch the episodes and catch different parts of the building and leave the rest up to imagination.
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Hi BxS0ldi3r!

One more thing, if you could specify the light source direction?
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It's northeast according to his shadows
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The light source will be from the top left, at first we were going from the top right but changed up. So yea, top left it is. Thanks for your help in advance.
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You just said it will be the top left, but if it were the top right you would have some inconsistencies.

If your bottom pillars are going to have so much definition and a shadow at that angle, the other vertical walls/pillars should have the same effects. And since the overhang is being supported by pillars there should be a ray of light in between the building and the pillar. In the middle section the wall has a shadow and so do the windows from the vert bar but the other vert bars dont cast a shadow on the wall, and all of these shadows should be the same size.
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I see what you mean, Ill update and repost to see whether or not Ive caught yor drift. As far as the lightsource direction goes we just suddenly chose top left being I modeled the base with a top left light source so that will be fixed asap. Thanks, keep the tip/crits coming. :)
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In the above I slightly added shadows in the areas you commented on. Im still rather new to this so before I go any further Id like to know if im on the right track.
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I'd have to say your on the right track. But you probably should go ahead and change your lightsource.
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Good idea of where I should be looking for it to come from?
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You said top left earlier? So make it be from the top left!
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The overview of the school in YYH is in the shape of an L.
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Smoosh wrote:
The overview of the school in YYH is in the shape of an L.

Mind showing us some pictures please?
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i think smoosh was referring to your building. Also, the way the roof is causes your building to look funny. Try adjusting the way your roof of the building is.
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Yeah, Cals is fixing up the building and should be posting an update soon.
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You're welcome.
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