Could someone possibly point me in the direction of a tutorial on jumping. I just can't get it right x.x. And if there isn't any, would anyone be willing to help me. I just need to see how it should look on a sprite and I should be able to fix mine. Any help would be appreciated.
Okay this is something that i threw together using bleach revolutions base and jumping state


this of course is my way of making a jump animation,for all those who just need a basic reference.

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This looks amazing,thanks!
but one question: in your codes do you use "flick" or "icon_state=" ?
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I dont program least not yet,but from what Ive learned is that you should use "flick" for this, this 1 animations is separated into about 5 states,'jumps start,jump rise,jump peak,jump descend,and jump land.' to work properly,so flick would work in this case,and those can be Indicated inside tutorial by the labellings above the base.

This is actually my first tutorial,i decided to post here since i friend needed it,and was fairly easy to make.
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I would recommend avoiding the pre-jump crouching and skip straight to the liftoff frame for gameplay purposes.
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Chea, that would be smart, depending on the game play in total though. If you don't want the game to be all about fighting, you could take or leave the pre-jump, however if it's an all out action, frequent battle game, do what SuperAntx suggested. I agree, that is great looking for a tutorial Zane :D. I have a question though, has anyone tried doing a "Double Jump" before? It would be good for future references to have that in a jumping tutorial.
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as for the pre jump i thought it would be nessecary to do it since,that this type would be unconventional for combat,and simply used for getting over obstacles,this one wasnt planned to be used in combat in any way,however the one which will be used in combat is called flash jump

it will start by,using the flash step animation,the player would then appear in the air at the peak of their jump and land like the normal jump.
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I think the only awkward part of that jump is the landing where his (our left) right arm bounces a bit, and the only reason it's awkward to me is because it's not very smooth.

As for putting this in actual gameplay, you can leave it to programming to fix whether it's for action/fast-paced or for casual jumping.
(Ex; Player jumps in the air, gets hit while jumping, just make them flick() a new icon_state for being "pushed back" and send them back one step or so.)
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WOW that is awsome O.o