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This is the guy who was WTF pwnt by Zaraki Kenpachi. Constructive Criticism please.
looks pretty nice. work on toning the muscles down a bit by shading them same for the side state . shade the muscles and fix the brown . cant wait to see how it turns out o.o keep up the good work . ill show you want i mean. also work on the shading of the theighs , hair, and feet.
I got to lazy to do the side state but heres a edit of that south state, it seems more realistic to the picture but idk

In response to Aeon Games Inc
I had it some what like that but MESMERISE changed it, I like the way he changed it though.
In response to Child Prodigy
I dunno i think it would be better to keep the actual skin tone and colors, and he sorta made it gradient ;/ what every works for you i guess lol