I tried to make 32x64 base mob for once and well problem is, I don't know what is wrong with it, the short legs?
This is my second time trying to make a large mob...
PS! The shading isn't finished so don't mind the pillow shading I suppose?


torso is huge compared to legs,human anatomy is around 2/3legs 1/3torso
also the dittering on the top of chest makes it look weird,ur pallet needs nerfing in my opinion,he looks sun burnt
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To be honest with you, I think the torso is just fine along with the arms and legs. It's not like everyone has super long and thin legs, there are plenty of people with long torsos(mine is even longer). So I do not agree on that point.
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I'm not the best pixel artist around but there is my edit pretty much changed the head changed the legs a bit and the arms and did some few changes with the shading and some other stuff i forgot either way there it is :P
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Which pretty much changed the whole style of the mob... xD Not really hating it, but neither is it something I was aiming for.
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lol it's ok i was just giving a example :P but the body was ok from the start I just edited to match the head but I do think the original head could be edited a bit it makes the whole base uneven.
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I am not very concerned with the head at the moment at all, I am more concerned about the body, I think it is pretty much the ideal which I wish to achieve or so I would like to believe.
The body looks fine to me, he seems well toned.

Its possible that maybe the head is making the body seem alittle odd. Personally, I don't use V chins because it makes the neck and upper chest look alittle mis-shaped. The one facing the back, I think the neck line you have makes it appear to have a long neck, try lowering it and see if it look alittle better. I understand that you feel like the body is alittle wrong but you sometimes have to play around with the base to get it the way you want. I would suggest making copies of it and line up different changes and pick out the one that looks right to you.

These are just my suggestions... you don't have to use them.