(Narakzi speaking)
Well production has been slow in the past few months because I lost interest. But now that I'm back production for this one peace game is going very well, infact in the past week we've done more work then we've done in the past few months. The only problem we are having now is the lack of GFX/Pixel Artists. If you are interested please contact me at

Heres the link to the hub if you are interesting in seeing the current screenshots. OnePieceGrandAdventure

This message is to Jarquille concerning One Piece, if you see this please try to get in contact with me.
You might want to consider updating the hub link: OnePiecePiratesGalore

Anyhow, it looks nice. Can't wait to see the finished product ^.^
Looks like Naruto...
In response to Branks
I've been told the old buildings look liked naruto so i reiconned.
I've talked to DMProductions and they have gotten my permission to use the base icon.