Well this is the main character for the game,she leads a team of four called Hawk.

WIP Basic concept.

Age: 21
birth places: Eosur,Human colony.3 times larger than earth,setting of the story
Race:Human[Eosur super soldier]
Rank: Captain[Hawk]
Abilities:enhanced speed,endurace,physical strength and all around physique.
Weapon of choice: Mk X 20mm Vulcan minigun w/ photoplasmic mortar launcher and unguided rockets.

notes: she is the lone survivor of a super soldier program,to her knowledge the only benefits of the super soldier program was enhance physique,but as the story progresses she gains almost super natural abilities utilizing "Sync."[game equivalent to MP]

[Note:I'll shed some light on the game once I'm done with the Game design.]

edit:looks abit too 'jumpy' huh
Exactly why is it jumping? I'm no expert but to my knowledge no one moves up and down when standing still, and definitely not when wielding a weapon, especially a gun. It would cause their aim to be off.
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Basically to give off that "pumped and ready to go" look. The character will be jumpy lol. I actually don't think it's not too jumpy, but I do think it doesn't have enough animation to it. I think it would look better if you animated it more, like made it come to life more. Exaggerate it a bit more, and it will probably look more fluid. The sleeves on her are a bt too jumpy though haha. THe hair could use some jump in it :p.

You are going for a pumped up look aren't you?
The animation is too sudden, and not needed. Maybe subtle movements, what super soldier needs to hop up and down to show that she's pumped?
I like the bouncing gives the character life. I think that the clothes and the hair are alittle bit to exaggerated in movement. She is only bouncing alittle, I don't think they should be moving that much.
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heh im still new to the whole platformer thing i did notice is that in platformers characters are almost never standing still.Ill be creating another concept,i actually drew some stuff up but this one doesnt give the feel i intend for the game,Im trying to give her that strict and cold demeanor y'know.

Lol Im slowly breaking that shell of laziness that i was trapped in.
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Lol Im slowly breaking that shell of laziness that i was trapped in.

It's just an illusion of breaking, laziness is more powerfull than you think
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second version
bouncy bouncy haha
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Attack of uniboob! Also, mexican jumping hair. =D
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Too much bouncing, and it looks unnatural unless you're referencing Beavis on a sugar rush.
In response to Zane444 terry-12-stance.gif Street%20Fighter%20Sprite%20.gif/cutebenimaru/ 94_145_492a2b661ffdf9c.gif ben_fighter_self_portrait___animated.gif

Hopefull these examples can help you out. Best advice I can give you is that when animating your characters, try to have their personalities show throught that animation. If they have a stern, and strict personality, have their animation be less jumpy. If they have one of an action hero (they're always ready for some action),then you can make them be animated as if pumped up for battle.
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probably look better if it didnt just go up, maybe forward and backwards aswell.
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and... version 3
Changed her design slightly.This is so far my favorite.will animate and polish as soon as possible,
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Needs readability.
First Version beats all