Recently, I was working on a base for the BYOND community. It's your typical 32x32 size. I only made the walking animations, and the base doesn't have a skin palette (It's grayscale, because you need to make your own skin colors). I made this because I'm tired of seeing disfigured bases on games, RPG Maker edits, and such. Hopefully some people will be able to appreciate the base and find good use of it in their project. Base icon (male & female) is complete and ready for download. Female is now in the zip file. Enjoy! (If you use it, and feel generous.. Add my name to your games Hub so my name can get around a bit more, thanks!)

That's pretty neat.

My only real criticism would be the idle animation. You can save a little space by using the rewind feature.
Makes me want to start a game :o
Wish I had learned coding for the time I was on BYOND :(