The North and South states look good but the left and right states have problems in 2nd and 4th frame
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Can you be more specific?
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Supertramp wrote:
Can you be more specific?

The eyes in the left state of the base looks a bit weird.
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You mean because they move?

That means it's rotating it's head when the character moves.
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here is a edit I did for you hope this helps

What i did was used a lighter color for the far arm and leg,so it dont blend in with the shadow as much

I also made the head not turn it looked like he was taking a glance at screen but this is just to help you hope it does.
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I forgot to mention that the shadow is transparent. And I can see how the head turning may look weird.
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I'm not sure but, unless you're a super hiphop gangsta rapper or a hyper neo-boldy with glucksbringer on his body, your head doesnt move sideways when walking. Though if you were at a beach it migth actually move as you've portrayed it.

The palletes good and shape-wise is well proportioned and animated. All is left is completely up to you. When its running on an actual bg or mockup all whats left to do is AA edges if you're a perfectionist. Either usual AA or with transparency, that would make you proud of how well it blends and how detailed you made it without getting anything noticable in rerurn or anything that matters.