im working on something for the remake of my stargate online game, but im having palette issues, i cant seam to find the right set of colors to make this stand out correctly (sofar its just in a basic shade to indicate light spots and dark spots)
Example IMG

when it comes to stone type effects what are the best colors to use to make it look realistic?
Each stone needs to be shaded differently (depending where the sun rays fall) and change the colours.
Here are several very good tutorials about shading rocks, picking the right colours and making a stone texture as well.

1) Pixel-Art-Tutorial-Shading-184136991?q=gallery%3Akiwinuptuo% 2F27054576&qo=6
2) Pixel-Art-Tutorial-Colors-184802567?q=gallery%3Akiwinuptuo%2 F27054576&qo=5
3) Pixel-Art-Tutorial-Textures-203459613?q=gallery%3Akiwinuptuo %2F27054576&qo=0

I hope that these tutorials will help
P.S I don't want to explain because my English is well.., uhh bad :/
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thanks for the links, i'll see what progress i can make and hopefuly have an update sometime soon, (busy working on a wide range of new art for my game) so i'll proberly be posting some other work here soon for some C&C