We are pleased to announce that we have agreed to become a sponsor for the 2003 GML Design Contest. Four lucky Special Award Winners will each receive a BYOND Dice Pack, a nifty little promotional package that we have put together.

What is the GML Design Contest, you ask? It's a contest for games created with the Game Maker system. The contest has already started, but the deadline is August 31, so there is plenty of time to submit an entry. We urge anyone who's interested to take a look and see what you can do! How neat would it be to see some BYOND regulars in the winners list?

Game Maker is similar in many ways to BYOND, and we feel that both systems complement each other's weaknesses. We are excited for this opportunity gain exposure to other game development communities, and we are happy to encourage you to check them out too. By working together, we hope that we can forge a mutually beneficial relationship to help provide the best tools for all aspiring game creators.