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I was thinking the other day about games that have odd plots to them. I'm sure Gughunter's Gunther Beckstein Challenge had something to do with it. You know, most games -- including my own -- have what you'd call suitable or at least typical plots to the game.

You are a character in a dangerous land, and must kill things to survive. Or to get their stuff.
You are an animal who must find things to eat.
You're playing a sport or a card game.
You're trying to take over the kingdom through strategy.

But there are definitely a few games on BYOND that have decidedly off-the-wall plots. This post is dedicated to them.

In DMT, one of my favorites, you ride the Drelltown subway in search of bad odors to spray into submission.

In another Gughunter game, Sidewalk Santas, you play a department-store Santa (as I remember) capturing as many escaped nativity scene figures as you can without being hit by a car.

There are other games that have odd premises, like DDT's Birdland or DragonSnot, and Dan's PipeStock makes inspired use of an underused subject.

Which games strike you as having particularly strange or surreal plots?
DBZ: relegr8. It's set during the great SACKOMAMMA war.
One of Jt's s_[something] libraries had as a demo a game about a Costco employee snapping and going on a rampage.

[edit] Practically all of Grei's games have strange plots as well.
I would also nominate DDT's "Living & Dead" was sort of Diablo meets The Matrix meets Lex Luthor...
Ebonshadow's Stick Fighter was on one level super generic, but when you get into the characters back stories and the history of the SF universe it gets pretty strange.
Wizkidd: Actually, it was a Costco customer snapping because he didn't pay his membership dues. But close enough. ;-)

You know, that reminds me... I haven't played that for a really long time. My record is still 4:21 for survival...
You don't fool me! This post is just your subtle way of reminding us that Sheep is becoming a movie:
I should totally do a game about black sheep... they've been very underrepresented in the Sheep franchise!
Lode wars has a pretty strange/funny plot.