Whenever I change the colors around, it looks nice. But, whenever I close DM, I have to do it ALL over again, so, I'm asking, could this please be able to be saved? =(
Well there should be a option to save because maybe people need their original colors they already have used and cant get them back.
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Or maybe a "Restore to default" button.
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Never though of that >.>
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Just make a normal icon with every dot of custom colors you need, when you relod it theyll be there.
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Er, I mean the syntax colors and stuff.
My DM colors stay when I change them, I dunno why you are having a problem, I never hit a "Save" button, I just hit Apply.
Hmmm, it saved them for me (I like to have my comments in bright red, and they've been that way for years now, through many, many versions)...

So there's something apparently wrong on your end... Perhaps a reinstall of BYOND is in order?