I don't know if this has been mentioned, or if its already in. But this would be a very useful feature. I could make it show one thing with a Left Click, and the other with a Right Click, instead of people sometimes messing up with Click or Double Click.

I could see a lot of uses I would use it for.

Just my opinion.

Actually, LeftClick() would be useless, seeing as we already have click, but RightClick() would still be great.
In response to Nadrew
Ah damn, you're right Nadrew. But I'm just keeping it fresh in the BYOND Staff's minds.
In response to Nadrew
Say, that's interesting... they said they'd sneak that into the next release or two over four years ago.

I call shenanigans! =)
In response to Jtgibson
I say its all a Conspiracy!
Just think, they keep us on the edge of our seats, releasing minor updates....
In response to Mechanios
Well, it works, doesn't it? =P