i tryed to code alot of times but its hard, is there some way you can make an auto coder it would be very helpful and ill be able to create more original games, thanks alot

That is not possible.
More original games can't be made using auto coder.
Also you can use BYOND to make autocoder for itself, to code turfs/objs etc
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Auto coders are possible,there even is one in byond resources.All it does is auto code turfs,objs,mobs,etc.
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The OP wanted an "autocoder" that can program everything for him, including spells/techniques and other stuff.

It is possible someone can make a general system to help produce the mentioned things but most people would rather not - since it is much more flexible if you program it yourself.
It's possible to take some of the grunt work out this way, for instance by creating something that would take an icon and build a different /obj type for each icon_state in the file, but ultimately this doesn't save much time at all; this is the easy stuff. The work of actually giving structure to your game is something that can't be done automatically. One of the great advantages of BYOND actually is that if you start on the easy stuff, you should be able to learn enough rules about syntax and such that you can start working your way up to the concepts that will give life to the game.

If you're having trouble with programming my recommendation would be to post specific issues you're having in our Developer How-To or Code Problems boards, where people can help you through any difficulties you might encounter.

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