I was going to announce the re-launch of the Two-Button Challenge design contest today (technically yesterday) but I was too busy slacking off playing Darke Dungeon and Ultimatum attempting to develop a cure for AIDS using nothing but rubber bands and packets of sugar, and now I don't have time to get everything set up. So I'll be kicking things off tomorrow (technically later today) instead.
Fair enough. =P Be friendly to those in the EST time zone most of all, though. =)
So, did you ever find out the cure for aids? Tell us!
My guess is that he didn't, but got a heck of a sugarbuzz!
Everyone knows you don't use sugar packets to cure AIDS, you use Splenda!
Not so! The fine folks at Nutrasweet know that you use Splenda not to cure AIDS, but to destroy all that is right and holy upon this earth.