As it is right now, the input() as list is pre-built and usually maintains the same height/width.

Can we get new options to modify that height/width to our liking? Sometimes you have a lot of options so you need a lot of room, and other times you only have a couple of options and don't need that room.

It'd be nice to have a little flexibility

Request #2:

Can we get those same menus as a new control for Skins? I could think of a couple of uses for that.
While we're at it, could we look into those input visual customizations that were discussed a while back by Tom (here: [link])? Input is a great command that can simplify a lot of things; but, especially with interfaces, is an uglier option to resort to.
In response to Devourer Of Souls
If Tom said it was possible, why are they refusing to comment?