I have an audio file that I played in a particular game. I then renamed the file and replayed it. The name of the song, output to the world, showed up as the original title before I decided to rename it. I went to a different BYOND game and played the same song, and the original title still appeared on standard output. So the file was obviously stored away in some kind of cache upon the first time it was played. From this, I'm guessing the cache applies to all BYOND games, and probably exists as a single resource file on my computer. If so, what is the name of the file? If not, is there any way to clear the cache that stores data for BYOND games?
Lethal Dragon wrote:
is there any way to clear the cache that stores data for BYOND games?

Open the 'pager' (BYOND.exe), select the 'File' menu -> 'Preferences'. The 'Games' tab contains a 'Clear Cache' button.
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I cleared the cache, and I still see the original title when playing the song in a BYOND game. Maybe the location I'm looking for is not referred to as a "cache". I do happen to know it is a BYOND file that controls this behavior, and not my computer in general. I know this because I changed the name of the audio file yet again and played it in VLC, and it did update. In BYOND games, the old title remains. So is there an alternate storage space you know of, perhaps another cache or a resource file that keeps a list of audio files to be retrieved for later use?
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Go to:
Documents ---> BYOND ----> cache
Delete everything in there and try playing that file now.
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I found the solution, and it went one step further than what you mentioned. In addition to removing the audio file from my BYOND cache, I deleted the .dyn (resource file) - the cache specific to the game. I experimented a bit with this and found that the file will remain stored until both the BYOND cache file AND the .dyn file are erased, because apparently both locations are searched before a new file can be declared. For cases such as this (rare as they may be, but still occurrent), it may be useful to have some kind of built-in function handy that clears all caches and resource files, and another that clears a cache specific to a game selected by the user. Just a suggestion, don't attack this post. ^.^
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