It's time to build up the BYOND Party guild! To submit your game, head to the forum. Here are the guidelines (thanks to the Strategy guild guidelines for inspiration and some of the wording):

The BYOND Party Guild is an official BYOND guild, meaning its games will be some of the first ones new BYOND users will see (and hopefully play). The games will have to reflect well on BYOND and encourage new users to stick around. What are we looking for in this guild?

* We need professional, finished games with clean graphics and properly spellchecked text, good documentation, and an easy-to-understand interface. The game should be through its testing phases and no error messages should be visible.

* The game's hub entry must be no more explicit than to earn a PG-13 rating. If the game itself contains racier content, the hub entry must include a clearly visible warning. Hub entries must include a description of the game; screenshots or other information to entice users is encouraged.

* If player-generated content that violates BYOND community standards is commonplace in the game (through the use of social verbs, for instance) then the game's administrators must show positive action toward limiting, and preventing, such content.

* Games must be of the Party/Chat/Social type, where the focus is on more chatting or general hilarity than on any deep strategy or action element that may also be present. Note that a game may fit into multiple categories (Party and Word, Party and Utilities, Party and Board-Card-Dice). If you're not sure whether your game fits, submit it anyway.

* Games should be fun! Any game in this guild may be the first game a user tries when they enter BYOND; if the game isn't fun, they may not stick around to try another. We're here to highlight some of the best games on BYOND. While not all games will make the cut for this guild, just submitting yours can allow you to get some great feedback that might push it to the top.

All game choices will be made by reviewers on a case-by-case basis. These guidelines are subject to change and interpretation. Didn't make it in? Consider starting a guild for games like yours!
I'll work on fixing up Plunder Gnome. Expect a polished release sometime this century :D

Edit: Your links make me sad, they're the same color as the text :(
Oh yeah, I should make them underlined.