Snipets of Code
for(var/v in cverbs) //cverbs is the list of verbs available to the clan
verboptions += {"<option value="[v]">[v]</option>"}
<select multiple name="rverbs" style="width: 100%;">
</select> //Part of an HTML thing
newranklist[href_list["rankname"]] = rverbs

Problem description:
Ok, this is what I believe the root of my problem is.

I'm working on a clan system for a game, and this is part of the rank set up. It uses a clan datum, and all the verbs available to the members of that clan are stored in the cverb list. When the head of a clan configures the ranks for that clan, each rank gets a name and a list of verbs (out of the total clan verbs) that are available to the members of that rank. For example, I would want one rank with all the verbs (Recruitment, messages, firing) and one rank with less verbs. (Only messages, for example)

The clan datum has a list of all the ranks, where the name of the rank is associated with the list of verbs for that rank. The problem is, when I try to add those verbs to a member of the clan, it doesn't work. ("wrong type of value for list") Anyways, I believe the problem is in what form the verbs are in the ranklist, because it works when the cverbs itself is used and added to the member, it works fine.
The ranklist seems to contain all the paths of the verbs, but when I compare them to the actual list of cverbs, they're different.
Is there some simple conversion to convert the text path to a verb? (I tried typesof)

Anyways, this seems to be due to a deficiency in my understanding of verbs as variables. Sorry if it's hard to understand my question.
Try text2path() to switch from text to verbs.