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I don't know if the problem is in the coding or not, or if it lays within the interface setup. I recently changed my interface to where the map is being displayed in a child element, which can be switched to display the browser through a button. Ever since I did that, I was no longer able to move. Do child elements not support built-in mob procs like Move()? I don't think I can elaborate any more than this, but if need be, I can try if y'all don't understand.
Check if you have the basic macros for movement on your interface.
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SOUTH      .south
NORTH .north
EAST .east
WEST .west
//etc for the diagonals

In fact... none of the preset macros I made are working :\ I'll edit with an update on whether or not verbs do.

Verbs still work. It's just the macros.
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He meant are you sure you included the macros in your default skin?
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What do you mean "included". I opened the one macro list there was in my .dmf file and it had all the default movements and whatnot. If the list isn't being included somehow, thought I don't see any reason it wouldn't be, how would I get them included? Use the #include preprocessor somehow?
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What you need to do is open up your skin.dmf(or whatever you have it named) and open up the main window. Select the window and click edit, or double click it to edit it's properties. Under the options tab it has a drop-down menu that lets you select the Macro ID, if this isn't already set select the Macro ID you want to use.
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Thanks bunches! That did the trick! :D I've never had to do that before so I never knew about or how to use those strangely enough o.O I knew how to use the Group parameter for pushboxes and whatnot, just not the ID parameter for the macros/menus.