set hidden = 1
set popup_menu = 1
set src in oview( 1 )

Problem description:

I didn't want to be too lengthy with the topic this time; in addition to removing a verb from its designated statpanel, I would find it useful to keep the popup option enabled. I'm not certain whether or not I'm going about this the wrong way, but I figured this could be done by simply adjusting the appropriate verb settings, namely hidden and popup_menu. Apparently this was a failed solution. I intend on the user being able to access the Drive() verb by right clicking a Car that is within one unit in range, but I also would like for the verb list in the Commands panel to remain as is.
The reason for this is that the 'hidden' setting for verbs hides them from everything. What you want to do instead is 'set category = null' which will cause the verb to not be placed inside of any command panels but leave it accessible elsewhere.