Problem description: See this Pic.

The Black Background in the Turf. Any idea of how to fix this?

increment the layer of the bar.

layer=x//where x is a number you choose
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o.o It dont worked :O!
In response to Gohan Games
Check to see if it is a turf. It could of overlapped/deleted the turf under it.

Change it to a object then


changes its layer
icon_state = ""
layer = 10 //Change this for layers (think of it as clothing) socks before shoes.
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The grass and the Bar are Turfs. But idk why this happens, in my other Games i didnt have that problem. And that didnt worked.
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Try changing the bar to a object.
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That's worked. but why didnt work as turf?...
In response to Gohan Games
Most likely because when it creates a new turf or your placing down a turf it might overlap unless you press ctrl or alt. (im kinda sure)
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Huh i find the Problem. > Options > Click Behavior > And Check Control + Click to Replace :D
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Your Welcome.