monsterIcon = file("Monsters/[m1.species].gif")
monsterIconName = m1.species
monsterIcon = file("Monsters/NotFound.gif")
monsterIconName = "NotFound"
src << browse_rsc(monsterIcon,monsterIconName)
html += "<img src=[monsterIconName] /><br>"

Problem description:
I'm getting a "cannot open the cache file" error when I run this program. I tried googling this, and I get the impression that it's probably not a code problem but a problem with my computer or my settings?

Does anyone know how to deal with this?
Check to see if your files are set to read-only.
In response to Garthor
No, they aren't read-only. I do have them in a Dropbox folder. Perhaps that is the issue?
In response to Chessmaster_19
Try having them in same folder as the game.
Just a note (though it may be unrelated) if you're planning on ever running your game from packaged files (which is pretty much guaranteed) referencing files like that from project folders won't work unless you manually include them.
In response to Falacy
Thanks for the tip. That'll probably save me some grief in the future.