My Client :

A Players Client :

Can anyone please tell me why their client does not have the same font? Thank you so much.

Their computer might not have that font installed so it's switching to the default font :P, that font probably isn't on his computer by default or something.
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Huh, is there anyway I could just include the font with the game and it automatically finds it?
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Last I checked not really, either you make a separate installer for the font completely or you might want to try looking into JavaScript and embedding a script into a browser to make the client download the font.
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Wow, that's not good. I know a bit of javascript but that's going to be an adventure.
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I think it went something like this...

Drag the font into your Game Folder. Right Click the font and click on Properties. Then in 'Type Of File:' Check to see if it is a .ttf (TrueType Font) or a .otf (OpenType Font)
Note down the name of the font too.
var/list/extra_resources = list(\
'FontName.Font Type')


var/list/extra_resources = list(\
'Street Soul.ttf')

I'm not really sure about this, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

--On a side note, I found this from the Skin Reference. Just scroll down to "Fonts" (If you press CTRL + F and type in "Fonts", go to the second Find); it should explain this more briefly.
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Awesome, too bad I saw this as I was going to bed. I'll try it out tomorrow on my test server. If you want to try it out check here :

The simple solution to your problem; place the font file into your game's root folder and assign it a constant variable.

var/const/fontfile = 'font.ttf'

What this does is include the font in your game's .rsc files, which go straight to the players' cache files to use in your game. You can alternatively create an array that stores files to be inserted into the rsc, example:

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Cheers, thanks guys.