Save = new( "Testing.sav" )

Problem description:

I have just started using save files, and resultantly I am inquiring on something quite noobish. The above line of code will place Testing.sav inside the game directory. It seems there is a different location, though - a "default" directory for client-side saves. For me, this folder is found in:

Documents --> BYOND --> KeyInfo --> lethaldragon

Although I should be able to specify that exact path, can I be certain that is the place where it is stored for all clients? If not, I'm wondering if there is a way to send the save file to a similar location for the client, so that it may later be retrieved.
There is a default, and it is setup in their pager. I do not believe you can change it server side.
You can save them on the server as I've seen it done but unfortunately I don't how to do it myself sorry. Just wanted to clear that issue up.
I am essentially asking how to save a file in the default storing space for client-side saves.
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Lookup "Export proc (client)" in the F1 reference.
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Export proc (client)

This stores the file on the user's computer in a special location unique to each registered world.hub setting. This is most useful for writing a client-side savefile, but any type of file may be stored. The purpose of this is to exchange information between different worlds running under the same hub path.

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Thanks! This seems to be the exact thing I was looking for. =)