Ok, let me explain:

Few days ago I started working on a new version of my game, it basically added a dungeon (just a new z map with some npcs which were spawned after I clicked a command) and some commands for GMs.


First of all, I had some problems with the map itself. After making a place on 4 Z Map (the new one), I started getting an error after trying to get in the game: The mapfile is corrupted. It didn't let me play, I tried to cut by half the place I built and it worked, I was surprised! I thought it was the mountains, there were two horizontal mountains cloned, and walls around them making a room. I deleted them, and the error message appeard back, I deleted the floor, and it wasn't gone yet... I deleted the walls which were facing south, and it worked.

Strange, isn't it?

The walls which were facing east and west weren't giving any problems, yet when I copied and pasted that part of the building it gave the mapfile corruption message.

I finally managed to get it working, everything seemed to be well. The shell server which used to host my game expired since my friend lost his paypal account, so my game got offline for few days. I started updating few things (COMMANDS. I never changed the client/New procs, or anything which would have broken the system). I even got told to disable all those codes just to check if there were differences or not, there weren't, it was still bugged.

Now the important stuff which my friend told me to mention:

- When you run the game by DreamMaker it works, it displays no errors.
- When you host the game using DreamDaemon, all the players who try to connect are auto kicked. When I entered the first time I downloaded the resources, and it allowed me to use commands, etc... But I couldn't move, I was stuck, the npcs were able to move, though.

It's really strange, I don't know what's wrong with the source. I promisse I didn't change anything which would have disabled players' connections, but this is going too far and I don't know what to do to fix this problem.

Thank you so much, and good luck.
"Network connection shutting down due to read error." is the error being received when an error is actually returned. You forgot to include that part ;).