Has anyone made a game that works like an arcade machine (On BYOND, duh). So when you load up the game, you send the owner a couple of dimes, and for every 2 dimes you give them you get an extra continue.
I was thinking of doing this with my next game. Perhaps I'll even do something in Webcrawl to allow a player to load maps for a price (free if subscribed of course).

Have I done so yet? No.
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For some reason I like the idea of a Dime Arcade, even though I have 0 BYOND Dimes. That reminds me, I should make up BYOND Pong...
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And of course, in standard gaming-creation fashion, somebody has already done it! I believe Garthor. Just give it a quick search on the hub!
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I hope that BYOND Pong is not the kind of game you have in mind for a coin-op BYOND game.
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But, of course, it's bug-ridden, and I can't muster the motivation to fix them (here's a tip: don't move your paddle all the way to the top or bottom!). Actually, I think that's the only bug I know of so far.