Anybody here have a site with game ideas? Well, I've got no ideas! It's either that, or you could tell me some of the ideas you're not using. >_> I mean, they've got to go into use! I'm just...a little not so creative.
Someone posted a couple months ago, a link to a site with like mythical names, and descriptions, but I lost it.

It would be nice if who ever posted that would repost it. =)

-Digital Samurai
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That would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if somebody did that. D: I'll just sit down and hope...
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Meh, better then nothing.
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ITG Master wrote:

What do I get? Whats my prize!!

Dig up a few more URLs like that and you'd have a tremendous BWS report for BYONDscape. That'd be a great resource.

Lummox JR
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ITG Master wrote:
BTW whats BWS...Byond..Writable..Source? I was once subscribed to BYONDScape

Behold the BWS!

Basically you can submit mini-articles, or links to other people's articles or game resources, or anything else people would find interesting or useful. You get 1/10th of a share (the share system is explained in the contributors' guide). An Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures would certainly qualify as "useful". =)
Bump! I'm going to use the creatures, but still no idea for the game.