While I don't know everything about BYOND all I have to give is what I know, or think I know >.>'. Anyway, I can't wait to see the... criticism on this, I'll accept negative destructive criticism because I'm over the phase where I care.

But anyway, this is a game I'm putting together that's pretty much a tutorial on the various skills required to make a game. The idea is to make it more interactive instead of just a bunch of boring text and reading. However, in its current phase ( guestimated 5% coding done) It's not very interactive. Also, this isn't just me trying to help "newbs", I also want other coders, pixel artists, mappers, and everyone to submit ideas to put into this thing.


Yahoo for redundancy.
Iconing is a skill required for many games. Icon artists are not always easy to find.
Having this skill can greatly help game developement and have your game be the best.

I'm suing you for slander and idiocy. Where do you live?
How Cute =')
lol, in terms of redundancy, video games in general would be redundant seeing as how we can live without them. So yahoo for people being redundant!

And the "have your game be the best" isnt what I meant >.<, more like "have your game be at its best" >.>

Oh and I live in southern california, I can't say more than that... there are people watching *looks over shoulders* its the government
Actually, I was talking about your methods of coding and the tutorials all in all, not the guide itself.
A nice tutriol i like, too bad i learned how to code the hard way...
lol, the hard way probably has its benefits? >.> Makes you a harder working coder from all the "training" you went through? I dunno.
yes i did that =(
Hold on.
When did TUNFH learn to code?
LOL, well he's an unknown ninja, so not much is known about him.
anyone know about byond
Pokemon07 wrote:
anyone know about byond

Nope, not here
Pokemon07 wrote:
anyone know about byond

yep i do byond is soooo cool
Pokemon07 wrote:
anyone know about byond

yep i do byond is soooo cool
This isnt about icons or whatever. I begg you dont make another naruto or bleach game unless there different then the rest. I know lots of byond players are getting bored of all of these naruto games that all are the same and 95% of all naruto and bleach game are the should make S-cry-ed first
Lol, way old post... nice bumping.

Anyway, I don't know what you're talking about "Don't make another one." Mine was there before all of these. Aside from having the right to make any game I please, if anyone should have the right to make -another- bleach or naruto game, 'tis me.